The Peasant Giving Presents

This weeks topic, birthdays.

There comes a time in our lives when someone we know is celebrating their day of birth. Whether its someone we love dearly or a random stranger on the street or even ourselves, everyday is someones birthday. If you are like myself, you are working with a tight budget, but you want to give this person the best birthday ever. This week is my boyfriends 25th birthday. It’s a pretty memorable one being a quarter of a century and all, and of course I want it to be perfect for him.

Now here is when things get tricky, what do I get him? I tend to overthink things quite a lot and since this is a fairly new relationship I decided to plan early on. Back in February I asked him what he would want to do for his special day, thinking to myself that if I asked early enough I could get the perfect amount of intel without ruining any surprises. He is a very practical guy and isn’t too into materialistic objects, so his response is “maybe we can go and watch a marlins game.” I’m thinking this is perfect, it’s early enough that he might forget I even asked, and I am also so broke he might not think I can afford it. Either way I’m thinking I just won his 25th birthday and I’m in the clear.

Boy was I wrong. He has brought it up several times since. Of course I try to play it cool every time he brings it up, avoiding eye contact, dismissing the topic or even flat out lying about it not being within budget. Unfortunately, I wasn’t working for a while earlier in the year, hence the tight budget, so I started planning early because of this. I had a temp job back in February so I used a paycheck to buy us the tickets. But this gift no longer felt like a surprise, its almost as if it’s expected and I really want to wow him.

Here is where brainstorming and a lot of mindfulness came into play. I feel like most people are very grateful for you even remembering them on their birthday, let alone getting them anything at all. You need to clear your mind of the stress and pressures to get your loved one something. — Trust me they will understand if your gift isn’t a trip to France. — Once I cleared my mind from the stress the ideas just started flowing.

Make a list of this persons interests, if you don’t know them well enough to come up with five things ask yourself if you are really close enough to bother getting them something. Sometimes a card or a cupcake will do. My boyfriend on the other had I know well enough to come up with a long list. Some of which included: sports (specifically baseball), electronics, being active, starting a new school, music, and having a need for everyday items that for some reason people ted to neglect to get themselves.

Of course my ideas and my budget are on two completely different playing fields so I start stressing out all over again. I made a list of things I wanted to get him. And man, this list was long. It was so long that if the gifts are still relevant to him in the future they will become roll over gift ideas for Christmas’, anniversary’s, and future birthdays.

So sports = baseball game, check. Next when you think birthdays, what comes to mind? Cake. I’m going to bake an Oreo cake for my fatty and I hope he enjoys it and eats every last bite like Bruce did in Matilda. Then of course a couple of practical gifts. Some shirts, new socks and undies – Why do boys always have holes in their socks and underwear? – a new luffa, and a giant water bottle (the kid is always thirsty). Now besides these random gifts that suit his needs and desires or whatever, I wanted to do something grand.

Last month (May 2017) we went to Disney and Universal together and it was so much fun. Here is where I am extremely thankful to my new job for money. Because just like that, boom! My idea became a reality. Universal’s Volcano Bay is a brand new water theme park and guess who’s going… I’ll give you a second… Oh yeah, it’s us!

I’m so excited because now his birthday is my birthday too. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I tell him on Thursday. As a matter of fact I’ll take pictures and give you an update.

Update: So yesterday was the big day for Angel and he was so grateful for every single item I go him. He was just as appreciative for the socks as he was to find out we were going to the Marlins game. Of course the socks didn’t make him cry like the tickets to the game and Volcano Bay did. Overall it was a great day and although I put a lot of pressure on myself to make it amazing for him it as worth it to see how happy he was.

Sometimes all it takes is planning ahead. If you are a procrastinator like myself that idea alone can be quite stressful and cause serious mental exhaustion. Just think of what things that person needs in their life. If that person has everything ask yourself ‘what do they want?’ or if you have similar tastes get them something you like. If at this point you still can’t come up with anything do what I did, find something you will both enjoy. This way you can celebrate together. Also, always bake a cake. This way they get their cake and you can eat it too. Bon appétit! 🎂 🎉 🎁